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20, 21 e 22 de Novembro/2017

Carga Horária

18 Horas

Oferecer ao ortodontista a oportunidade de conhecer as últimas tendências e novidades na Ortodontia, estudando numa das mais conceituadas universidades americanas, com grandes professores de renome mundial.

Dia 20/11
Dr. Shalin Sha, BDS, MS (USA)
“Team approach for interdisciplinary orthodontics”.

Dia 21/11
Dr. Celestino Nobrega (USA)
“Torque expression with self-ligating systems: The CCO bracket design and clinical outcomes”.

Dr. Luis Núñez (Uruguai)
“My clinical experience using active self-ligating appliances, from Roth to CCO system”

Dia 22/11
Dr. Matin Epstein (USA)
“Treating Class II malocclusions with confidence and precision”

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Dr. Shalin SHA, BDS, MS
Dr. Sha earned his Bachelor of Arts, Doctorade of dental Medicine, Certificate of Orthodontics and Masters of Science in Oral Biology from the University of Pensylvania. During his tenure at Penn, he learned to become a critical thinker through ten years of research, he developed leadership experience as Chief Resident and President of Penn’s American Student Dental Association, and discovered an unwavering passion for orthodontics. His passion for the profession led him to earn additional certifications while a resident, most notably becoming a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. Dr. Shah also developed an interest in published orthodontic literature, and as a result, he accepted the position of Abstracts Editor for the peer-reviewed journal, Orthodontic Practice US. He is also on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and lectures nationally and internationally for Complete Clinical Orthodontics and Roth-Williams Center for Functional Occlusion.

Dr. Celestino NOBREGA
Dr. Nobrega completed his general dental training at Sao Paulo State University, Brazil in 1984. He completed his certificate in Orthodontics in Rio de Janeiro State at Brazilian Dental Assocation. The Mastering of Dental Science degree came in 1996, after publishing an elucidating material about MRIs of TMJ. After taking the Roth- Williams continuing education course at Burlingame in 1997, he got the position of educator at several academic associations in Brazil, organizing courses as post graduate program director. He obtained his PhD after presenting a Randomized Clinical Trial about the use of Laser radiation for pain control during orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Luis Nelson NÚÑEZ, DDS,
Dr. Luis Nelson Núñez is graduated from the Uruguayan Public University, UDELAR. He has been Assistant Professor of the Orthodontics and Dento- Facial Orthopedics Department at the same University for a period of 10 years. He received his training in Orthodontics in this University too, for a period of 4 years. He also graduated from Roth / Williams Center long term course held at the Uruguayan Catholic University, where Dr. Ronald Roth and Dr. Robert Williams where the main teachers. Nowadays he is Dentsply GAC Intl. Consultant and Coordinator of the G Care Continuing Education Program for Latin America. He is also a self- ligation and CCO System Key Opinion Leader. He is in charge of putting together short term continuing education Orthodontics courses, at the NYU for Latin American Doctors. He has lectured nationally and internationally in places like Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Uruguay, etc. He is member of the Uruguayan Orthodontists Society, Latin American Orthodontists Association and of the World Federation of Orthodontists. His private practice is in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Dr. Martin B. EPSTEIN
Former Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Post-Graduate Division of New York University College of Dentistry; Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics; Teacher of the Year Award (Post-Graduate Orthodontics) at New York University College of Dentistry; Presented courses and seminars extensively in Europe, Asia and South America; Written numerous articles in American and International Orthodontic publications: Manuscript Review Committee for the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics; American Dental Association Certificate of Recognition (Volunteer service in a foreign country); Private Practice of Orthodontics for 30 years.

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Dr. Shalin SHA, BDS, MS

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Dr. Celestino Nobrega

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Dr. Celestino Nobrega

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